You must never tell her, my beloved Katerina.

I caress your cheek, looking into your emerald eyes. You nod, your hair moving across the pillow like a liquid, golden halo. My beloved Katerina, if you only knew the depth of my passions, how every breath I breathe is a sacred prayer to you.

I move the sheet below your small breasts to see them one more time. The nipples are going soft now, their color fading from the flaming coral of a few moments ago. Although the seed of my loins is still hot inside your belly, my softened member quivers a bit. You are perfection. How can this hot coal of my desire ever grow cold?

I must take my leave, although my wish is that we were never parted. The dew upon your lashes tells me that you know our time, once again, grows short. In the distance we hear the cock crow, breaking the silence that has kept our secret. I must go now.

Never tell. And I will always love you. Here in the night.