I am Cock Socket Lydia. A common slut-submissive with openings in my body which are to be filled often. This, of course, would be my asshole, my whore mouth and my cunt. I am nothing more than a cock socket.

Master tells me this and trains me daily to remember it always.

If Master cannot train me personally, he lends me to trusted friends and they fit their cocks into my various sockets as pleases them. The fact that his friends might be too busy or cannot be bothered to train me on any certain day does not impede Master’s plans for me.

Master is very wise in his ways and, of course, always has a Plan A and a Plan B. Just in case.

Sometimes I am hung by my wrists in the Training Cage with my sockets stuffed by a variety of dildoes. Sometimes one or more of the dildoes may be vibrating. Sometimes not. This is always up to Master. He decides what type of cock-training my sockets need.

At other times, Master locks me into the Slave Stockade where he often arranges the sybian behind me so that my anal socket can be repetively abused. Of course my oral and slut sockets are jammed full as well. Again, Master decides with what.

I am cock socket Lydia. Would you like to fit your cock into one of my sockets?