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Vanilla Mythology

Anybody who believes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach flunked geography. ~Robert Byrne

Was it Mrs. Gump who said Vanilla is as Vanilla does?

What I am proposing with this simple little entry is that quite probably the term vanilla (when applied to sexuality) just might be on the verge of vernacular extinction.

Case in point: I was recently discussing said topic with a college student I am tutoring (yes, he does flirt and yes, I do tease) when he told me that, “These days, if you’re not kinky, people think you’re weird.” I got such a kick out of that, as you might imagine. Particularly since this certainly wasn’t the case only a few years ago when I, myself, was a student!

But you have to admit that my little friend could very well be onto something here. And it emphasizes my rather vague—but nonetheless valid—suggestion that, just perhaps, when it comes to the difference between vanilla and kink we might just be splitting hairs.

His comment got my admittedly little (but always industrious) brain to pondering upon the glorious games boys and girls have forever played. (The problem for the boys is that nobody has ever told them that the girls always win. They—aching members in hand—go directly to jail and do not pass go, while we—oblivious and sexy in our nylons and heels—are busy buying Park Place and building little red hotels.)

Another gentleman recently regaled me with stories of his search for a Mistress throughout the 1960s and early 1970s, when even finding reference to such things was next to impossible. Yet search he did, eventually exchanging long-distance missives with a number of “incognito” Pro-Dommes.

So maybe things weren’t always as vanilla as we’ve supposed? Perhaps kink is all a matter of one’s particular perspective? Could it be that the only difference between then and now is that rather than hiding or burying our sexual proclivities, we embrace them?

Wasn’t it Janis Joplin that said, “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose?”

Anyway…just some food for thought.


warrior’s heart

i think of you:

your warrior’s heart
its toughened blister
-but not for me
-not ever for me

has served you well:

keeper of your flame
it’s kept your secrets
kept your seasoned wit
kept your quiet expectations
kept your easy wisdom

kept you for me
everything for me
all of you for me
always for me
forever for me

just waiting for me:

to untether its strings
puncture its wound
untangle its weave

and I am here:

so that we shall fold
this rare metal
this precious metal
this noble metal
this keeper of your heart
this weathered chain mail

and keep it safe
as it has kept you

Something About Cherie

You are thinking you are just about the luckiest guy in the world tonight. The sexiest girl in the hotel bar, every man was watching her, yet she chose you. Now in your hotel room, she is undressing you, stopping to touch, kiss, lick every bit of flesh as it becomes exposed. Everytime you reach for her, she pushes your arms back. “No, no, no,” she whispers, “I want you to take. I want to give.”

Kneeling in front of you, she runs her long, red nails over the the bulge of the erection straining against your crotch. “Are you hot, baby? Are you hot for me? You know I want to fuck you, baby? You know that, don’t you?” You groan reaching down to run your fingers through her blonde hair.

“You’re so beautiful, Cherie” you whisper when she looks up at you. “You’re so hard,” she answers, tugging at your zipper. You both watch as she pulls your cock through the open fly. “Oh, fuck, this is the prettiest dick I’ve ever seen,” she says then brushes her open, moist lips down the throbbing shaft, her tip of her tongue weaving across it’s engorged throbbing veins.

Abruptly, still holding onto your cock with her hand, she stands up. When you go to grab her, she again grabs your arms. “No, honey, this is your night. You get it all and I’m the one that’s going to give it to you.” Still holding your arms she pulls you to the bed.

“I want to go down on you,” you tell her as she begins undressing you. She is tugging at the legs of your pants, when you reach down and grab her ample breasts. She shivers, but still pushes your hand away. “Now what did I tell you, lover? Be a good boy.”

Once you are naked, she pushes you back against the pillows. She climbs on top of your belly, her red dress pulling tight against her open thighs. You can see the top of her hose and garters, the smoothness of the thighs above them. Grasping your hands, she laces her fingers through yours, gripping tightly. Then leans over, her yellow hair a halo around both of you, and looks deep into you eyes.

“Are you really sure you want to go down on me?”

“More than anything.”

“You’re absolutely positive?” She licks your mouth, then runs her tongue down your neck to your right nipple and bites it. You moan and try to untangle your fingers, but she clenches tighter and starts moving up your belly.

“I have a suprise for you,” Cherie says as slides her shins over your upper arms, pinning them to the bed. As her crotch looms over your face, she finally releases your hands and reaches behind her, grabbing your cock and stroking it again.

And then she is pushing her thighs against your cheeks, shoving the crotch of her black, lace panties against your face. Something rock hard is grinding against your chin, your nose, your mouth.

“I told you I wanted to give,” Cherie pants as she rocks faster against your face. “I’m giving you my cock.” At first you try to push up, push her off of you, but she bears down and tightens her thighs. “You said you wanted to go down on me.” With her free hand she pulls her panties down so that her dick pops out over the top. She grabs it and rubs it all over your face, then, matching the rhythm of the hand around your dick, begins jerking it against your slack mouth.

“Open up, honey. Open up and take this hard piece of meat in your mouth.”

Watching her stroke her cock and feeling her stroke yours at the same time, you open your mouth. “That’s a good boy. Pretty Cherie has a nice cock, doesn’t she? That’s it, wrap those pretty lips around it”

And you start sucking and you want her cum more than you’ve ever wanted anything.

Groaning, Cherie starts riding your mouth. “You want it? You want my load? You want to swallow my cream, cocksucker? I got a lot of cum for you, baby.”

She thrusts forward and you feel her cock jerking and sliding off the back of your tongue and into your throat. She starts stroking your cock hard and fast. “Cum with me, baby,” she screams, “do it.” And then you are riding the wave together, you’re bucking your hips, fucking her hand as hard as she is fucking your mouth.

Then she is filling your mouth, your throat. And you are spewing yours all over, wherever. And it is the hottest sex you’ve ever had and you know that you will want this again and again.

Cherie slides her cock out of your mouth and moves down to stretch across your chest, her lips at your ear. She kisses your cheek then whispers, “Let’s rest a little bit, then go for round two. Remember what I promised you, what I said?” Catching your breath, feeling the sticky sensation of her cum still on your teeth, you try to remember.


“I said I was going to fuck you, honey.”